“Black Heads: A Natural Treatment for Clear Skin”

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Black Heads

Who hasn’t been plagued by dark and depressing black heads at one point in their life!  Unfortunately black heads are usually part of our skin care woes…but I have a natural and gentle way to banish black heads for good!

Black Heads: What is that?

When our skin cells fail to shed it causes buildup and a black head (also known as an open comedo) is born.  A mixture of dead skin, fat and oil create this annoying type of acne.  Without skin covering the breakout, the pore is open and becomes black in color when the gunk is exposed to air and oxidizes.  Black heads tend to appear on the nose, chin and forehead.

The bottom line is this type of breakout is a challenge for many to get rid of and although usually small in appearance, they can speckle the face leading to a major dent in self confidence.  Especially as a woman in your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s!

Black Heads: Why me?

Although your environment, larger pores, skin care and genetics can play a role in experiencing black heads, the root cause comes from within.  Just like any kind of breakout, it is a message from your body that something isn’t balanced on the inside.  The imbalance can come from poor diet, unstable hormones, chronic stress and lack of sleep.  Do any of these occur in your daily life?

Black Heads: The Diet Connection

Does your diet consist of soda, dairy, sugary sweets and packaged processed foods?  All of these cause that troublesome oil production that can lead to a black head as a result.  When you’re putting your blood sugar levels on a roller coaster by eating foods that spike insulin (like bread, candy, fruit juice, pasta and even milk), this causes your hormones to become completely out of whack.  And there is a direct link between imbalanced hormones and acne causing oil production.

If you want to banish black heads for good, you must begin with your health.  Fill your plates with healthy whole foods like leafy greens, root veggies, sprouts, berries, eggs, brown rice, quinoa, and my favorite morning meal of green smoothies (watch my how-to video!).  Don’t forget to add a bunch of water to the mix!  You’ve heard it before, but it is ideal to aim for half your body weight in ounces every single day.  This will keep you hydrated, flush those toxins out and give your skin a dewy glow.  Totally worth it if you ask me!

Black Heads: Please Don’t Squeeze!

Our first instinct is to squeeze these little suckers right on out.  But please resist the urge unless you want to spread the bacteria lurking underneath which will cause more breakouts and not to mention a possible scar.

There are gentle and effective ways to keep black heads at bay and your skin clear and glowing.

Black Heads: A Natural Removal Treatment

Here is the plan…

  • Boil water with a few drops of tea tree oil to steam face and open pores
  • Cleanse your skin gently to exfoliate and expose blackheads with tea tree oil scrub which will tighten pores, eliminate most blackheads and encourage healing (1 T granulated sugar, 1 T baking soda, 2 T water, 4 drops tea tree oil. Mix and massage onto damp skin)
  • Apply a healing clay mask (One of the best ways to draw out skin impurities- Mountain Rose Herbs has great and inexpensive options. I love the French Green Clay)
  • Apply pure aloe vera gel (This has a soothing effect & will calm the skin and act as an antibiotic.  Gel directly from the plant is best or look for a gel without additives or naughty ingredients)

Black Heads: Prevention is Key

When you combine a veggie-filled whole foods diet with lots of H2O, 7-9 hours of restful sleep, stress management to keep your stress levels low or nil united with natural and gentle skin care, you’ll most likely be leading a black head-free existence.

Some other tips and tricks include…

  • Using oils as cleansers & treatment (read more here!)
  • Minimize makeup & only use clean brands
  • Avoid touching & picking your face
  • Create a weekly Sunday Spa Experience where you steam & use a clay mask
  • Change your pillow case weekly

Do you have any natural black head removal tips or tricks that have worked for you?


I’ve gotten you started on how to get clear skin, but if you need more support, guidance and accountability set up a complimentary 30-minute ‘Get Glowing Skin Now’ strategy phone session with me HERE.

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Find Out Now! 5 Clear & Glowing Skin Secrets Your Dermatolgist Never Told You

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