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To: Women who want a natural solution to clear skin

: Laurisa Truemper, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Hi ladies!


If you were like me, you may think that your adult acne is hormonal and there is nothing you can do about it.

The dermatologist offers chemical prescriptions as your solution… but you don’t want to rely on chemical products forever.

They never seem to work anyway. More money goes down the drain and your skin looks even worse.

Your hope is crushed over and over again.

Friends clear up their breakouts easily and it’s frustrating when the same methods haven’t worked for you.

And you may feel like there is no other solution for you.

You may have spent countless hours covering your acne, hiding behind makeup and maybe even cancelling dates… your confidence may be shot.

You may not have known natural solutions existed to cure hormonal acne… you didn’t think there was ANY cure.

But you are about to discover a secret to clearing your skin
that dermatologists are not telling you…

And you’re going to see a natural way to get rid of your acne that is finally going to work for you.

Below, I’m going to show you the method I use to permanently end your adult acne by revealing the hormonal causes of acne.

Hormones are the #1 cause of adult acne. In fact I don’t call it adult acne…


You won’t need to use expensive prescriptions for the rest of your life or products that make your skin worse.

I show you how to do this naturally and without antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, Retin-A, birth control or Accutane.

Here’s why the solutions to your acne have not been working…

Just in case you didn’t know, studies have shown hormones are a major cause of acne.

First of all, think about when you first started getting acne… in your teens right? THAT’S HORMONES!

When hormone levels change, which happen dramatically in our teens, we break out.


What you may not know is there are NEW hormone imbalances that are present today that directly cause acne…

There are TWO main hormone imbalances that have been found to cause acne. And when these hormone imbalances are resolved, your acne can finally clear up.

One of the main symptoms of these imbalances is persistent acne! AND most dermatologists have not been trained this way or don’t have the program to help you.

They are present in more women today than ever before and many women AND health professionals have NOT made the connection between acne and these hormone imbalances.

This is also the reason why your topical solutions did not work – benzoyl peroxide and products like Retin-A or similar brands do not treat the hormone imbalance!

In fact, benzoyl peroxide can make it worse and is now banned in Europe.

I show you what these acne-causing imbalances are, what causes them and how to naturally resolve them and clear your acne


Why should you listen to me? Because I have been there.

I’m Laurisa Truemper,

I help women clear up their hormonal acne through natural methods.

I also suffered with nightmare skin for 20 years.


  • I tried every topical prescriptionover the counter programpainful injectionslaser therapybirth controlantibiotics and even Accutane… but the breakouts ALWAYS prevailed or disappeared for awhile and then came back…
  • I missed out on years of dates, relationships, activities and vacations because my chronic acne dominated and controlled my life and kept me hiding out. My productivity at work was interrupted with worries about my skin…
  • I spent countless hours in front of the mirror covering my breakouts in order to feel comfortable leaving the house. I NEVER left my house without a full face of concealer and makeup, not even to go to the gym or the beach…

But it all changed.

I had given up hope and resigned myself to “covering my face” for good.

But as fate would have it, my “skin nightmare” ended in the most random way…

How I Accidentally Stumbled Upon My Own Skin Transformation…

It really started when I enrolled in my training as a Holistic Practitioner. I was learning about all these different diets out there, but wasn’t even thinking about how it could affect my acne. I just was curious to see what they would feel like.

There were a lot of different diets I was learning about. I was particular fascinated by eating seasonally and Dr. John Douillard’s philosophy on HOW you eat rather than WHAT you eat.

So I ended up trying a whole bunch of different dietary theories because each week I was learning about a new one. It wasn’t hard at all…I even learned my amazing water trick that made a huge difference in my weight and energy.

People at work kept asking me what I was doing because
of how skinny I looked…

It got to a point where I was
down 2 dress sizes and had lost 18lbs!

I was totally shocked since I hadn’t even gone to the gym, or was even trying to lose weight. I’d never lost weight like this before- and it was really cool and kind of easy.

Then, I started getting compliments on my skin. I had learned a connection between the health of our digestion and how it relates to skin. My stomach was always a little “funky” and upset, but I thought it was just how I was.

But I tried some simple tricks and not only did my stomach feel 100 times better, my eczema I had always suffered from went away and my clear skin days were more and more frequent.

I felt (and looked!) really good- and I had forgotten what that was like.

But I clearly remember when my skin started clearing up…

One day as I was grabbed my concealer to get ready for my huge cover-up task, I had a “WOW” moment… I was wearing a lot less makeup.

I was using natural makeup by now (and I can share how easy it is to actually do this), and wasn’t piling on the eye shadow, powder and lipstick I used to. The biggest thing was my huge cover-up task with my concealer, wasn’t huge anymore. I had A LOT LESS to cover- I was almost confused by it!

I was almost done with my makeup routine and it only took 10 minutes. Before, it took 30-45 minutes depending on what was happening on my face! I realized I didn’t have to hide as much of myself behind makeup anymore. I kind of had some new confidence thing happening.

As my skin improved, I started doing little happy dances (but only alone in my apartment)…

I had my friend Callie in town and we wanted to grab a quick lunch before she left, so I didn’t have a lot of time to get ready. I decided to do something I hadn’t done in almost 20 years…

I went out of the house without makeup!

As we walked out the door I asked her excitedly,

“Doesn’t it look like I have makeup on?,”
she said “Yea!” and then said, “Your skin looks great!”

Going out to lunch with a friend makeup-free was a whole new milestone. I didn’t even have mascara on! This was a freedom I had never experienced in my adult life.

My skin had gotten to a point that I didn’t have the huge painful cystic breakouts anymore, it was so much clearer, and it was glowing for the first time in a very long time. There was just no need for the amount of makeup I always HAD to use before.

Then I went 6 weeks without breakouts…

I was home for the holidays, so I remember the time well. I was waking up everyday and was saying “huh!” there was literally nothing to cover. Then the next day, and the next,  same thing!

I didn’t need my concealer- how freaking crazy!!

I was actually leaving my concealer and powder at home now- I’d been carrying that stuff around in my purse FOREVER!

And on top of that, the fact that I was not breaking out with the food I was eating over the holidays really showed me how much my skin had changed.

Then when I went home, even with more “trigger foods”, I was still not breaking out.

When I counted it up, it was a full 6 weeks without breakouts… I couldn’t remember the last time I went that long!

I stopped counting after that.

I’ve had the occasional tiny breakout that would just come and go quickly. But no more lasting and painful breakouts anymore.

But the most important thing about this journey was that
I got my confidence back.

I was so emotionally devastated by my bad skin that I didn’t have anymore confidence.

But it was back now!

Since then, I’ve learned even more about how things like hormone imbalances, excess toxins and poor gut health cause acne as well!

The more I started to study all the different causes of acne the more I found!

And it all started to make sense.

And these are things NO dermatologist is telling you!

By applying the diets and the lessons I learned during my training, I had corrected my hormone imbalances and eliminated the other causes of acne that were plaguing me!


I like to say my challenges have become my greatest gifts…
because now I can help you.

I want to help every single woman in the world
that is suffering the way I was, not suffer anymore.

I obviously can’t reach and help each woman individually.

That’s why I created an online program to teach you how to clear your acne once and for all.

I decided to compile all my information and make it available for all women who are struggling with “irreversible” acne like I was.

I ended up creating a program anyone can go through to learn what I learned and finally clear up their acne, FOR GOOD!

Here’s what this program will do for you:

  • How you how to get your hormones balanced and in-check, which is a key to clear skin
  • Help you discover how to eliminate harmful toxin and chemical build-up that may be keeping your skin broken out
  • Allow you to never miss a party, date, baby shower or day at the beach again because of embarrassing breakouts
  • End the cycle of dermatologist appointments and expensive prescriptions that never work and finally heal your skin naturally
  • Never depend on birth control, antibiotics or pills for clear skin again


Clear Your Skin Naturally is a program with step-by-step coachingguidance and support.

It has the key components to clearing your acne now and FOREVER without using chemicals or having to be dependent on products.

Your skin will start clearing up within a few days… and in less than 90 days be clear, more radiant and younger-looking…

But I’ve taken it even further.

Not only will I be showing you the solutions to hormonal acne, I will show you other causes of acne that don’t have to do with hormones and how to resolve them.

And here’s what you’re getting…

  • I teach you 2 health imbalances that affect hormones and cause breakouts dermatologists may not be aware of
  • Common hormone-fluctuating foods that increases oil production, clogs your pores and aggravate acne
  • The worst food you can eat that sends your hormones on a roller coaster ride
  • Which foods cause hormonal acne and which ones prevent it
  • 3 NON-food related everyday activities & factors that cause hormonal acne
  • How to resolve hormone imbalances easily step-by-step

I Also Show You These Other Little-Known (Non-Hormonal) Causes Of Adult-Acne That Have Been Discovered and How To Naturally Cure Them…


  • Discover which food clear YOUR acne… not your best friend’s. (Different foods affect different women’s acne in different ways.)
  • The insider’s secret to identify foods that are causing your acne
  • Learn 3 Mealtime Mistakes keeping you from flawless skin
  • A new way to eat breakfast that will clear your skin and give you all day energy
  • Secrets of fermented foods for glowing skin revealed
  • A little known food combining trick that will clear your skin & leave your stomach flat
  • The ultimate shopping list of clear skin foods


  • How food intolerances cause acne
  • How delayed-reactions of food intolerances can go undetected and leave you chasing for the next miracle cure
  • How find if you have these intolerances
  • What to do about it
  • An easy way to eat delicious food while figuring out your food intolerances


  • Beauty ingredients to avoid that cause breakouts
  • Why benzoyl peroxide destroys your skin (I mentioned earlier this has been banned in Europe)
  • Why salicylic acid is dangerous
  • Quick Start Transformation: Recently discovered list of acne aggravating ingredients & how to replace them
  • Natural product buying guide
  • How to use ingredients in your kitchen to clear your skin/clean your skin


  • Learn the connection between dehydration and adult acne
  • In less than five minutes a day you can use my [morning water trick] to clear your skin right away
  • Three mistakes to avoid when drinking water

You’ll be getting all this PLUS…

  • Expect weight loss & overall health improvements like all day energy
  • Easy to do ‘Daily Glow-for-Life Rituals’ to clear up your skin and How to make your clear skin rituals a natural part of your life
  • Effortless self care techniques- a must for clear skin
  • Daily 5-Minute Stress Reducing Trick absolutely necessary to treat chronic stress
  • Supplement Clarity: Learn beautifying benefits and which brands to buy
  • A tiny, little daily supplement that can transform your skin
  • Maximize skin-clearing by implementing ‘Detox While You Dream’ routine
  • 5 Ways to maintain acne-free skin and keep it beautiful that you can use in any way you want
  • How to deal with outside influences/unhealthy pressures from friends, family and co-workers

Let’s Take The First Step To Clear Skin

I want this to be an easy decision for you.

I’ve touched upon some of the many glowing benefits… so let me tell you what the program entails:

Program Details:

  • 10 Downloadable Audio Coaching Sessions:
    • Delivered weekly to your inbox
    • Add them to your iPod, iPad or computer to listen to anytime or anywhere on YOUR SCHEDULE
    • Each week builds upon the last to avoid overwhelm and create habits that will last a lifetime
    • These recordings are yours to keep and re-listen to forever
  • Downloadable Worksheets & Handouts every week:
    • Done for you lists, recipes, products & resources that will support your success
    • Easy to incorporate recommendations each week building upon the previous week
  • Recipes, Checklists & Resources:
    • As your ‘Clear Skin Coach’ I’ll guide you towards the BEST food for your body
    • EASY & delicious recipes
    • MY FAVORITE non-toxic beauty products and WHERE to buy them

What My Clients Are Saying

“During the program, I noticed that I hadn’t had any cystic breakouts in over a month which was a first…”

TiffaBefore signing up for Clear Your Skin Naturally I had cystic breakouts on my forehead and chin. During the program, I noticed that I hadn’t had any cystic breakouts in over a month which was a first, I had more energy, and my clothes were fitting so much better! I started to crave green and healthy foods over unhealthy and heavy foods I had craved in the past. 

When I look back at the moment I made the decision to do this for myself, I feel proud of myself for taking a step towards taking care of myself through my diet. I highly recommend this program if you’ve struggled with cravings and pesky acne.  

I didn’t feel like my breakouts justified going to a dermatologist and being on weird creams and antibiotics.  With this program, it’s a lifestyle change that improves your skin without having to spend money at the doctor and on random products.” -Tiffany, Creative Director at knot by TIFFA, Silver Spring, MD


“My skin is clear and clean!”

I have experienced skin issues all my life. I’ve tried everything from extremely harsh medications to mild over the counter products. I really have never been completely satisfied with the results especially because the harsh medications that gave me the most effective results actually made me feel like I was doing damage to my body. 

Working with Laurisa has made an extreme impact on my skin. I feel truly healthy from the inside out. My skin is clear and clean! The glowing skin I am experiencing has a deeper meaning for me because I know the route of this outward appearance is actually inner health! I’m so satisfied with Laurisa’s advice and her program that I would highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you Laurisa!!!” -Lady, New York, Designer Director


“My hair and skin look much healthier…”


I have had such an amazing experience with this process and have really changed so much about my lifestyle throughout the past 12 weeks that has made a huge impact on how I feel. Thank you!! I have cut out gluten, dairy, and sugar in addition to nightshades which I had already eliminated. My energy is so much greater throughout the day, my stomach feels better, my hair and skin look much healthier.  

I could go on and on. All of your practices, information and tips were very helpful and the program is so easy to follow. All of the handouts were super helpful. The shopping lists and food combining guidelines stay in my purse all the time – I should probably laminate them or something! I know it is primarily meant to help with skin issues, but I also think your program is a wonderful jumpstart into a healthy lifestyle even if you don’t have skin concerns.– Anna, Makeup Artist, New York, NY


“Within 2 weeks of working with Laurisa, I lost 9 pounds and my skin started to clear immediately.”

“I was at a point where I couldn’t even remember my skin being clear. I was also 20 pounds overweight and had zero confidence. Within 2 weeks of working with Laurisa, I lost 9 pounds and my skin started to clear immediately. I also felt REALLY GOOD! Everyone should have a health coach. And I’m so grateful that I decided to invest in myself and do her program.” -Kelsey, Denver, Vet Assistant

You could be the next one featured here telling your breakout transformation story…

You Have No Risk When You Invest In This Program

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I get it… investing in something and not having it work is totally disappointing.  I’ve been there too!

So try this program for a full 30 days, and if you’re not getting the results you want with your skin, send me a simple email and I’ll refund your money no questions asked.

The risk is mine, not yours. I’ll be putting in the time to help you on the Q & A calls no matter what.

You really have nothing to lose… except the acne.

However… I ask that when you DO get your miraculous results that you send me your photo so I can use it for a testimonial.

Who This Program Is NOT For…

  • You want a quick fix, the perfect magical cream, or a pill you can pop to fix your skin woes
  • You’re not ready to permanently end your hormonal acne
  • You aren’t ready to do the work

But I have a feeling you’re ready!

I’ve spent years researching every solution out there to solve my own skin nightmare.

I’ve also accumulated all the methods, product research and how-to’s that you would have to go through if you had the time

I’ve done the work that you won’t have to do, to end your acne.

Not only am I saving you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of trial and error, I’m saving you the frustration and finally putting an end to your struggle.

What Is This Program Worth?

  • Each week you’ll be coached by a Certified Holistic Health Expert which is $197 a session…10 sessions would be $1970
  • Also add in the convenience of having the lessons on your computer or MP3 player when you want them…what a time saver!  Your time is priceless
  • The more powerful tools you have in your wellness arsenal the more success you will have…the worksheets will guide you while the handouts contain valuable information for a lifetime of health…$600
  • Healthy and satisfying recipes, guides on what TO buy and what NOT TO buy, some of the best green beauty products (including the only non-toxic mascara that actually works!)…it would take hours upon hours to do this research, and it’s ever-changing, but good thing I do it for you…$400


I want this investment to be affordable and accessible so I can help as many women as possible get your life back and break-free of the breakouts.

Take a minute to add up the cost of dermatologist appointments, facials, prescriptions, products, books, programs, makeup, injections…maybe you missed out on a raise or promotion because you didn’t have the confidence to ask?

And remember, none of this has worked so far.

What has acne truly cost you?

It could easily be thousands and thousands of dollars.

It’s time to ask yourself on a level of 1 to 10, how important is it for you to clear your adult acne?

And before I share the investment, I want to include some

wonderful bonuses worth over $1000 for you…

BONUS! Live Coaching with Me Twice a Month

Twice a month you get to ask your own personal questions and be coached live, along with hearing the concerns of others which creates a feeling of support and community.

Calls are recorded and downloadable and questions can be emailed ahead of time if you can’t make the scheduled time. It’s like having your very own health coach! (Value $625)

BONUS SESSION! Detox Your Beauty Cabinet: Look Beautiful Without Harmful Chemicals

magazine-render-1-no-reflectionDetox Your Beauty Cabinet & Learn Step-by-Step How to Become a Glowing Natural Beauty

And I share the top products you should replace right now to save yourself from toxicity that can be detrimental to your skin & health. ($197 Value)

I love sharing my favorite natural clean beauty products that actually WORK, so you don’t have to do anything except go shopping!

BONUS SESSION! Skin Care 101 Guide

Back to Basics: Learn Proper Skin Care for a Lifetime of Glow

  • how to cleanse your skin to now to clear up quickly
  • my oil cleansing method that will change your skin
  • how to get rid of scars, blackheads and whiteheads

Learn how to get rid of blackheads now, heal those red marks and scars quickly and the best way to care for YOUR skin based on your skin type. Get these bonuses as soon as you sign up for the program! ($197 Value)

The investment for true transformation is $497.

And if a payment plan will help you make this decision to finally clear your skin,

it is 3 simple payments of $197.

To get all the latest information on how to naturally reverse hormonal acne for good you would have to:

  • search for and read all the journals and research studies that have come out on the subject
  • spend hours with trial and error
  • research the supplements that work and what does not, then figure out which brands are the best
  • figure out how to fit in and find the time in your busy life to implement everything

And you can do that if you really want to.

I just wanted to make it as easy as possible to start using all the research I’ve done. Right from the start you will get into action.

There is no other place that has a totally natural solution to addressing hormonal acne. I have looked for years. That’s how I learned all this. You’re getting it all in one place.

One of my most skeptical clients had the most success with my program…

I understand how you feel being presented with another option to clear your skin, with an uncomfortable feeling it may not work.

She felt the same way.

She had tried it all with no success and endless disappointments.

But she found my program to be the ultimate solution for her! Even with her incredibly busy lifestyle and demanding job, she was able to easily incorporate the ‘Glow-for-Life Rituals’… her skin was 50% clearer in 2 weeks!

I’ve made it super simple to start right away. And the instant you start to feel better and begin glowing, it will naturally become a habit that you won’t even have to think about.

As you apply the simple steps of the program, you will see your skin start to transform and you’ll know it’s for real this time because you will see your overall health changing as well.

I want to keep membership to a minimum to provide enough attention to each one of you, so I will close registration when it gets too full… and you’ll have to wait until I open the doors again which could be several months.

Click the best investment option for you below and get started today.

Invest in Full & Save! $497

2 Simple Payments of $197 (you’ll need a Paypal account)

Glowing health,

Your Clear Skin Coach

P.S. Don’t waste another day hiding behind makeup, throwing your money away on products that don’t work and being jealous of others perfect skin. This program is your answer to finally clearing your skin even though nothing else has worked before. Sign up before the extra savings ends, doors close and you’re stuck with your breakouts for months or even years to come.