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Prevent Wrinkles & Glow for Life

Fine lines and wrinkles are a natural part of aging, but we all want to prevent wrinkles as much as possible.  Perhaps you’re experiencing premature aging and feel like your skin is aging way too quickly and the wrinkles are out of control.  Maybe you feel like your skin makes you look 5-10 years older than you actually are.  What happened to aging gracefully??

The skin is our largest organ and acts as an internal reflection of what is going on inside the body.  It is an indicator of our health, both good and bad.  When we’re experiencing premature aging, including unexpected wrinkles and sagging of the skin, these are signs of health problems.

Prevent Wrinkles with Beauty Foods

The body and skin need nutrients to repair, function properly and to appear youthful and glowing.  It really all comes down to diet, lifestyle and the proper skincare products to get the healthy and radiant appearance we all crave.

Food has everything to do with the beauty of the skin.  Eating foods high in vitamins A, B, C and E along with EFA’s, Iron, Selenium, Silica, Potassium and Zinc to name a few will result in happy skin health.

Eating a diet high in bad fats, processed and refined carbs, sugar, alcohol and dairy will lead to wrinkles and other undesired skin problems.

Collagen and elastin are two of the elements necessary to prevent wrinkles.  When we consume sugar or foods like flour, dairy and alcohol that spike our blood sugar levels, the sugar attaches to the collagen and elastin in our skin which makes it stiff and inflexible.  This is called glycation.  Dermatologist and nutritionist Dr. Perricone believes that 50% of aging of the skin is the result of the gylcation reaction.

Have you ever noticed your skin looks aged after a sugar binge?

Prevent Wrinkles with Antioxidants

When the diet is made up mostly what is referred to the Standard American Diet- fast food, processed food, items in packages, candy, bread, pasta and baked goods- the body is lacking antioxidants.  Antioxidants are vital to fighting off free radicals in the body that cause damage.  On top of the gylcation that is occurring, free radicals are roaming free to increase harm which results in skin that looks like it’s been attacked.

Prevent Wrinkles with Beauty Foods:

Need a nutrient and antioxidant boost?  Here are the best foods for healthy, youthful and glowing skin:

  • Vegetables- especially dark leafy greens
  • Legumes (beans!)
  • Fish- wild caught only please!
  • Fruit- especially berries, acai and goji
  • Nuts & seeds- especially almonds, flaxseeds and sunflower seeds
  • Green tea

Prevent Wrinkles by Stressing Less

When we experience stress, a hormone called cortisol is released.  Cortisol is an essential hormone in the body, but when we have too much of it (like a lot of us do!) it has been called the “death hormone”.  It should also be called the “wrinkle hormone”.  Cortisol breaks down tissues, causes inflammation, elevates blood sugar which all lead to wrinkles.

Chronic stress begins to alter our physiology, health and skin.

We cannot always control the outside factors that cause stress.  But we can control how we react to them.  And in order to clear our skin and keep it clear and glowing, controlling and managing stress is non-negotiable.  Breathing exercises, meditation, yoga and journaling are wonderful tools to manage stress.

Prevent Wrinkles with Beauty Sleep

Our sleep cycle provides the body time to produce hormones that are responsible for our youthful characteristics and healing (like any acne spots, rashes or wounds).   It is the only way the body can get rid of stress (the hormone cortisol).  The average person needs 7.5-9 hours of sleep for the body to restore and detoxify itself.

When we don’t get enough sleep, this elevates cortisol which as we know now causes a lot of problems.  We also tend to crave carbs and sugar when we’re sleep deprived because the excess of coritsol has raised blood sugar and insulin levels which leads to these cravings.  It becomes a vicious cycle!

One hour less every night will take a toll on your health and skin.  I recommend scheduling sleep like we do everything else.  It is absolutely a necessity for health, a long life and beautiful skin.

Prevent Wrinkles with Clean Skincare

We have become accustomed to reading food labels; we need to do the same for personal care products seeing as we absorb about 60% of what we put on the skin.  We are essentially consuming our products.  And what we consume has an impact on the health of our body and the look of our skin.

There are 25,000 different chemicals used in skincare products and they are contributing to premature aging and wrinkles.  These chemicals disrupt our hormones causing imbalances and inflammation- both factors of aging.  They also can damage the surface and balance of the skin leading to quicker aging over time.

There are many clean brands on the market now that don’t use any chemicals or dangerous toxins that nurture and keep the skin balanced and glowing.  For my favorite clean beauty brands, read my post Sneak Peek: Inside My Beauty Cabinet

We all strive to look our best as we age.  To consistently have glowing, youthful and radiant skin we must begin with our health and compliment that with clean and safe skincare products.

What skin issue do you struggle with?  Tell me in the comments below what I can help you with.


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Find Out Now! 5 Clear & Glowing Skin Secrets Your Dermatolgist Never Told You

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