“Miranda Kerr: Truly Natural?”

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Miranda Kerr

There is a lot of talk about Miranda Kerr…so let’s talk about her!

I have to say, this 29 year old from Australia has made quite the mark not only in the fashion world, but the natural care product industry as well.  And as a clean beauty guru myself, we definitely need more of Miranda Kerr types out there.

Miranda Kerr: What’s her story anyway?

I don’t know all the details, but what I do know is she has become a powerful force in the health and wellness arena.  Miranda Kerr is a well known model and has graced many designers’ runways, luxury ads and countless editorials in the top fashion magazines, not to mention plays the part of an Angel for Victoria Secret.  And the lucky girl is married to Orlando Bloom!

But she didn’t stop there.  Determined to shine a positive and healthy image beyond the mostly critical industry of modeling, she created a natural, eco-cert, organic skin care line called KORA Organics.  Miranda Kerr and her passion for clean and safe beauty partnered with inner health has lead to a line that will get you glowing naturally.  And you know I’m all about the natural stuff!

Miranda Kerr: A Peek Inside KORA

So what does this organic line provide?  You’ll be covered with all the basics from cleansers and hydrating mists to luxurious body oils.  Passionate about living a healthy and organic lifestyle after studying at the Academy of Natural Living, KORA was created to bring natural ingredients she already used and loved into products that really work in regards to maintaining healthy and beautiful skin.

I’m a stickler for ingredients, so I took a close look at everything she added to this line.  Her goal was to include hard-to-find ingredients like antioxidant rich Noni, Essential Fatty Acids, Herbal Extracts, Essential Oils and Vitamin A, C and E.  And she did that very well.

Miranda Kerr: My Ingredient Assessment

For example her Clay Purifying Mask uses pure clay to draw out impurities (I personally use a French green clay mask once a week to keep my complexion clean and calm), aloe vera (another skin saving ingredient) and essential oils of lavender, rose hip, bergamot and avocado.

But I did spy a mystery ingredient called CI 77819 and with a little investigation I found out this is titanium dioxide which has a bit of controversy swirling around it. Some say it’s safe while others lean towards it being a carcinogen.  What are you thoughts?

So it could be slightly cleaner, but not too shabby AND it meets the high standards of EcoCert which assesses natural and organic cosmetics.

I also love the looks of Miranda Kerr’s Balancing Rose Mist as there is nothing more refreshing than giving your skin a drink of gentle essential oils mid-day.  By the way did you know the best way to combat an oily complexion is with oil?  Check out my post on that.  I am seeing alcohol here and there which can be drying, but it looks like the source comes from coconuts which may not cause the same type of drying.

Overall the line is pretty clean and free of nasty sulfates, parabens, synthetic or natural fragrance, synthetic colors, T.E.A., D.E.A., glycols, silicones, PEGS. ethoxylate and formaldehyde.  Click here for my list of top 12 ingredients to avoid.  The price point is mid-to high which is understandable for the type and quality of ingredients she uses, but it would be great to see a beautiful line like KORA at a more accessible price point.

Miranda Kerr: The Girl’s Not Done Yet!

To take her passion for health and beauty a step further, Miranda recently came out with a self-improvement and self-love book titled ‘Treasure Yourself’.  Geared more for the young adult, she dives into topics of self confidence, inner beauty (because we all need to get our confident glow on) and going for your dreams.

Well we can tell that she definitely went for her dreams!  How amazing is it that she moves to the US from Australia and builds her own little empire.  She sets a beautiful example for young women and the modeling industry.  I’m kind of loving her a bit!

Miranda Kerr: Yes, Truly Natural

It seems there is good reason everyone is talking about Miranda Kerr.  And I hear she is just as sweet and down to earth as she comes across in the media.  Thanks for being on the clean beauty bandwagon Miranda!  Let’s keep talking about her.


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Find Out Now! 5 Clear & Glowing Skin Secrets Your Dermatolgist Never Told You

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