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Healing the skin comes from within on so many levels.  One of many goals I have with my clients is for their skin to reflect their inner vibrancy.  This is something I call “confident glow”.  And every single woman deserves to be shining brightly inside and out.

That is why I’m so excited to share my interview with the founder of Urban Goddess Retreats.  Amanda Young began as a holistic health coach like myself, but was called to take health and well-being to a whole other level.  She has a gift for seeing women in their highest potential and now helps them see this in themselves.

In this beautiful interview, Amanda shares how to discover where your power resides- which leads to ultimate health, healing and beautiful skin in my mind!  Prepare to be inspired, excited and empowered as you read this…and you’ll want to read it all as her juicy tips are not to be missed!  And she has a dare for all you brave ladies!


  • A simple step for the busy women on how she can finally slow down
  • A daily practice that has nothing to do with food, skincare or exercise that can heal your skin and beyond
  • A different way to approach stress and a few fun tricks to get through those crazy moments

Interview with Amanda Young from Urban Goddess Retreats

LT: If you had to use only 3 words to describe your work with women, what would they be?

AY: Sacred, Sensual, Embodiment

Love it!  What exactly is an Urban Goddess Retreat? 

It is a retreat from your day to day life to delve deeply into your feminine power.  I like to create something really special; a little decadent, and super feminine, but also deep and transformative at the same time. The events I lead for women originally started as weekend or 7 day retreats in different locations such as Costa Rica, Malibu, Big Sur, California.  Now I lead in person courses in New York City as well.

You began your coaching with health and nutrition.  How did it evolve into what you are doing now and is the health component still relevant?

Yes I began my coaching career focused on health and nutrition for women, and it quickly morphed into something deeper.  Every time a woman sat across from me for coaching I would see her as a Goddess, meaning I saw her in her highest potential.  I saw her as her most beautiful and powerful self, and I knew it was my role to help her to see this within herself, to liberate her inner goddess.  The dietary changes were an entry point into a process of awakening that affected every facet of a woman’s life.

I also recognized that the women I worked with who were going through these deep transformations, felt a little isolated from their current community and were really seeking a new community that supported this growth.  I began leading workshops and retreats for women to connect and explore the experience of feminine sensuality and power together, During this time, I was experiencing my own initiation into a deeper connection to the divine feminine.  My workshops and events continued to reflect this deepening.

Soon I started leading week long retreats in Costa Rica exploring goddess archetypes and eventually that has evolved into the programs I lead now such as the 12 week Goddess Immersion.

And yes- health and diet is actually still an important component of the work.  Ultimately the work is about embodiment; a woman fully inhabiting her body.  You can’t separate your health and vitality from this process of awakening.

You focus on ‘embodiment’ as part of your philosophy. How does that apply to inner health and outer beauty?

:-) Yes the process of Feminine spiritual awakening is about embodiment.  What that means to me is choosing to be present in your body fully by awakening your 3 seats of feminine consciousness which I call your 3 feminine super powers.  I teach meditative techniques and exercises which bring your breath and presence into your body more fully.  From this place of embodiment a woman radiates health and vitality, and she can hear her body’s instincts for health more clearly, and make more conscious decisions about diet and exercise.  A woman who is embodied is a woman who is present.  When we are present fully we are more conscious of everything in our environment.

I’ve heard you say “inner feminine power” and I love to help women get their “confident glow” back…are these connected in your eyes and what is one step women can take to get in touch with their power?

Absolutely.  They are one in the same.  As I described earlier, when our inner feminine power is activated we are immediately more confident, more alive, and consequently beautiful and glowing.

The first step to get in touch with your inner feminine power is to SLOW DOWN.  I once heard a woman speaking and she said (in a very strong Greek accent), “A Goddess never rushes.”  I LOVE this simple statement.  It is true for many reasons.  Your power resides in your presence.  It resides in your breath.  Your power is there waiting for you to become present to it.  Most women are so afraid of their power (because at a very young age we were told that those things that made us powerful were actually naughty), that we rush around disconnected from our bodies and the moment because we think it feels safe.  We shorten our breath and we project ourselves into the future.

I dare women to just slow down.  That means rather than rushing down the New York City streets in that frenetic pace, feel each step, observe your surroundings, take a deep breath.  That’s a simple step anyone can do anytime.

Many of my clients are struggling with adult acne and other devastating skin challenges. How to heal the emotional aspect comes up over and over. Do you have any tips you can share to support women in this area based on your work?

Every woman contends with self criticism, self hatred, and negative inner voices regarding our appearance.  For some women it is her skin which disturbs her most, for another it is her generous hips and waist.  In my coaching I have seen it all.  Women who you would guess have it all together still manage to find some part of them self which is unacceptable.

The only thing to do is to bring an immense amount of love into that part of our self we despise the most.  Literally, to love that acne scar.  To forgive ourselves for not being perfect.  And to deepen our spiritual practice.  It is only through a strong inner spiritual life that we can move into true self love and compassion.  There really isn’t a short cut.  It’s about daily practice.  This is what I teach women in it’s core.  When you connect to your rich feminine soul, you let go of the negative self talk, you stand in a place of such love and abundance that the obsession and concern you have expressed, the way you have suffered over your appearance, becomes truly absurd.  You know the perfection of your divine self.

This is a daily practice for every woman. I’m not saying it is easy, but these practices will actually heal that skin over time too.

Stress is wreaking havoc on our bodies, skin and beauty!  What do you do to de-stress?

Ahh yes stress!  This is New York City after all- the stress capitol.  I commit to balancing my doing and being energy every single day.  And I consciously choose to not be stressed.  So many of us have an attachment to being stressed.  It’s almost like an addiction. I think maybe we think it validates us in some way.  How many times do you hear someone say, “I am so stressed out.”?  I observe when I feel that coming on, and I choose to acknowledge that there may be a challenge, or things aren’t flowing the way I’d liked, but I refuse to say I am stressed out and feed that consciousness.  And when things aren’t flowing, that’s a sign for me to invite my sensual goddess to come in and play.  She is one of our female powers.  She brings the pleasure back into the picture.  So, I may dance in my apartment, or lay on my daybed and feed myself raspberries and chocolate decadently, or brush my hair and put on some perfume.  Then suddenly the flow comes back.  I often work out of my home office so I am fortunate, but you can bring the sensual goddess with you in any environment.  If you’re at the office, go in the bathroom and play your favorite dance song on your iPod and shake it in the stall.  Or sitting at your desk, take out an essential oil and rub a drop in between your palms, and then in hale deeply.  Anything that brings you back in touch with your senses.

Do you have anything new and exciting coming up?  How can we get in touch with our Urban Goddess?

I have a new course beginning on Monday February 18th!  This is my signature 12 week immersion into the 3 Feminine Powers and cultivating a feminine based spiritual practice.  Click HERE to learn more.

I also have an intro night this Wednesday February 13th (tomorrow!!)  This is a fun night where I introduce women to the 3 Feminine Powers, and we eat chocolate (raw chocolate), and talk girly stuff.  If you’re in NYC, sign up HERE.

What is the message you want to share with the world? (in other words, what do you consider to be your life’s work?)

My life’s work, my mission, is to help women unite their sensual nature with their deep feminine soul.  To help heal a wound that took place thousands of years ago for women around their bodies, their sensuality, their power, and their spiritual nature.  To let women know it is OK to be HOT and HOLY at the same time.  To be SEXY and SACRED.  And when women heal this wound, they are able to show up in the world accessing their fullest power and contribute to an awakening on the planet. That’s what I’m here to do, and it is really JUICY!!  And it is such an honor to hold this space for highly conscious women.

I hope this interview stirred something within…maybe sparked that glow just a bit!  I’d love to hear your thoughts and ah-ha’s in the comments below.



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