“The Gift of Health: Change Someone’s Life with These Gift Ideas”

Find Out Now! 5 Clear & Glowing Skin Secrets Your Dermatolgist Never Told You

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What in the world do I give my mom/dad/sister/best friend for the holidays??

It’s the number one question this time of year and I’m sure it’s running through your head just as it was mine… but I have brilliant ideas for everyone on your list!

We love our friends and family and want them to feel amazing every day. Do any of these stories sound familiar?

  • Your best friend works a crazy job and is always too exhausted to go out with you after work. Maybe some more ENERGY for her and more play time for you!
  • Your co-worker runs into work then straight into back-to-back meetings never having time for breakfast. You notice their afternoon crashes and knew if they had an easy, tasty and energizing SMOOTHIE each morning their mood and productivity would be skyrocket!
  • Your mom has been trying to lose weight for years and is beyond frustrated with her lack of results. What she doesn’t know is a detox is absolutely necessary before attempting to lose weight or the pounds won’t budge. Support her New Year Resolution of weight loss with a yummy and simple DETOX PROGRAM that will have the weight melting off!

I must say there is nothing better than the gift of health. Shop my natural nutrition store of Shaklee products that are designed to improve health and skin, work without compromise and be gentle on the planet- you know I love green and clean!

Choose from healthy nutrition, weight, home and even beauty- there is something for everyone!

Guess what my dad said when I gave him Vitalizer Gold?

“Got the beautifully packaged vitamins! On day 3. Feel more energy and not as tired at night. Excited to keep going!”

And my co-worker who received the Lean & Healthy Kit:

“It’s just been a few days but I feel awesome! You weren’t lying when you said these products were magical. I love the chocolate smoothie mix- it’s like having dessert for breakfast.”

What are you waiting for? One click to my Healthy Lifestyle Boutique and your holiday shopping can be done!

I’m here if you have any product questions at all, just send me an email at laurisa@beyondbeautifulskin.com

Happy Healthy Holidays!

P.S. With a purchase of any Vitalizer or 180 Turnaround Kits you get free membership (savings of $19.95) and discounted products for life! Again, ask me if you have any questions or are curious which supplement supports particular ailments or symptoms.


I’ve gotten you started on how to get clear skin, but if you need more support, guidance and accountability set up a complimentary 30-minute ‘Get Glowing Skin Now’ strategy phone session with me HERE.

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Find Out Now! 5 Clear & Glowing Skin Secrets Your Dermatolgist Never Told You

We respect your email privacy