“Total Beauty Inside & Out: Olive Oil”

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Total Beauty

It’s time for total beauty inside and out!

Saturated, unsaturated, mono, poly, good fat, bad fat…are you confused if olive oil is one of the good guys for total beauty?  Do you wonder if you should be consuming it and if so, how much?  Are you afraid of the fat content so you avoid it like the plague?

With an overwhelming amount of different oils on the market, particularly the variety in olive oil, it can be confusing what to buy, what kind and how much to actually consume and use on your skin.

Total Beauty Inside & Out: Anti-aging wonder

I’m here to clear up the confusion!  And as a bonus, I’ll share with you how olive oil can become part of your clean beauty routine.  Rich in polyphenols, antioxidants such as vitamins E and K, and essential fatty acids, olive oil can actually help delay aging in a beautiful way.  Antioxidants are nutritional powerhouses that protect against age-accelerating free radicals- that is major total beauty!

Total Beauty Inside & Out: Make friends with fat

Once and for all, olive oil is amazing!  It’s considered a monounsaturated fat which lowers total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) while increasing HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol).  This good fat nourishes the body in so many ways giving you healthy hormones, hair, skin, nails, brain, heart and nerves.

Unsaturated vegetable fat is the naughty artery clogging enemy- not saturated fat.  A study from Lancet stated that unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats make up 74% of what actually clogs the arteries.

If you’re on a low fat diet, your body lacks the ability to create healthy cells which will lead to nutritional deprivation.  Have you ever experienced feeling hungry all the time?  Might be time to add some healthy fat to your meals!  We need fat to feel full and to survive.  We need fat if we want to achieve total beauty inside and out.

Total Beauty Inside & Out: What to buy

  • The absolute best is organic cold pressed extra-virgin.  This is the least processed and made from the first pressing of the olives.  The less the olive oil is handled, the closer to its natural state the better the oil.
  • Cold pressed is a must if you’re using it on your skin- this is the first pressing from the olive and is typically done by hand without any heat.
  • Look for a dark bottle, then store in a dark and cool place to keep from oxidizing and going rancid

Total Beauty Inside & Out: Olive oil uses

  • COOKING:  If you’re cooking with olive oil, only use with low heat.  Anything beyond that will cause it to break down and burn.  (Try sautéing with water and add olive oil afterwards to completely avoid this).
  • CLEANSING: Yes, olive oil is a great cleansing tool!  Take 2 tablespoons at night followed by water with lemon to enjoy the following benefits:
    • lubrication of intestines to improve detoxification process
    • improves elimination (try this if you’re constipated)
    • provides anti-inflammatory fats
    • kills germs
    • promotes bone formation
    • promotes hormonal balance (imperative for clear skin)
  • HAIR BEAUTY:  Use this magical oil for a chemical and toxic-free moisturizing hair mask!
    • Combine 5 drops of your favorite essential oil with 1/2 cup of high-quality extra virgin olive oil in a glass jar (I love Bell jars for storage and DIY beauty concoctions). Mix well refrigerate for an hour.
    • Wet your hair with warm water and drape a towel around your shoulders.
    • Take about a tablespoon of the mask into your hands and gently massage into your entire scalp with your fingertips. Massage or comb the mask through your hair with wide-tooth comb, adding an extra dose to the ends of your hair.
    • Wrap your hair in a towel or shower cap and let the mask soak into the hair for 30 minutes to an hour.
    • Rinse and then wash with natural shampoo (Aubrey Organics makes a wide variety of options) as usual.
  • SKIN BEAUTY: Olive oil makes a wonderful moisturizer straight onto the skin as well.  You can also use it as part of your Oil Cleansing Method routine.
    • Use as your body moisturizer on damp skin after your shower
    • Makes a great hand moisturizer with all that hand washing in the kitchen
    • Pour a small amount onto a cotton pad to use as a makeup remover and moisturizer at the same time

Do you have a favorite beauty concoction from your kitchen for total beauty inside and out?  Please share your best natural beauty trick below.


I’ve gotten you started on how to get clear skin, but if you need more support, guidance and accountability set up a complimentary 30-minute ‘Get Glowing Skin Now’ strategy phone session with me HERE.

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Find Out Now! 5 Clear & Glowing Skin Secrets Your Dermatolgist Never Told You

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